About e-Sorted

e-Sorted Data Consulting was founded on the principle of small business helping small business.  We understand the challenges you go through because we go through them ourselves.  We have big ideas but small budgets and limited time.  At e-Sorted we endeavour to become a part of your organization – a resource you can count on.  We deliver what we promise while giving you the tools that allow you to talk to the right people, increase your sales and work more efficiently.  With our help, you will make better business decisions based on accurate information.

Becoming a client of e-Sorted, you will always be listened to.  We believe in thinking outside the box. Our services and processes are built on an individual approach for each of our clients.  We’ve developed effective ways to understand what your business wants and needs quickly.  This way you won’t have to spend time getting us the information we need.

We understand that your budget may be limited and you only have what you have to work with.  That is why we really take the time to understand your needs.  We work with you to build a plan that you can afford and that we implement over time, prioritizing the help you need most right now.

We understand that the way business is done is changing everyday – we do our homework and keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies that can help you work smarter.  At the same time, although we are a technology based business, we make sure we don’t talk to you in a “techy” way.

We believe in promoting our own and we have teamed up with some key reliable partners who hold the same vision and focus on small business.  These partners have complimentary expertise that allow us to offer you a variety of services, all with a single point of contact for your diverse project needs.

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