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How to give someone “rights” to your Google Analytics Account

When we get a new client onboard at e-Sorted, there are several areas of information we need to get access to, including your Google Analytics reporting (assuming you already have this set up). The process of adding a new user … Continue reading

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Have you evaluated your website with a heat map?

A website heat map is quite simply a tool that allows you to see what parts of your website pages are most frequently scanned by your visitors. By understanding how visitors interact with a website’s elements, you can improve the … Continue reading

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Viral Marketing: The modern way of “word of mouth” references

Word of mouth promotion has always been a solid way for a business to increase its sales. It provides consumers with an instant ‘feel good’ knowing that someone they know has already tested the waters. Social media is built on … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog!  My name is Michelle and I am the President and Founder of e-Sorted Data Consulting.  I am a dynamic and passionate Data and Web Management Consultant living in beautiful Vancouver, BC Canada.  I started e-Sorted with … Continue reading

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